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Our Products are currently only available to purchase online via our ebay shop here:

If you wish to purchase any of our products outside of ebay please send an email to dean@dlms-tec,

(Q)Do you ship abroad outside of the UK

(A)Yes we can offer shipping abroad, however you will need to contact us first to agree on the shipping cost, which would be slighty more than our standard rates

(Q)I want to cancel my order?
(A)Just email us for any order cancellations.Orders can be cancelled without any problems providing the item has not already been dispatched.


(Q)Why can i only pay via paypal for many items?
(A)PayPal is the most preferred way to pay online in the UK because it's safer and faster.

(Q)Do you offer any discount on large orders
(A)Yes get in touch :

(Q)Where are your operating locations for repair services?
(A)We are based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and provide repair services within a five mile radius

(Q)Do we sell computer parts online?
(A)Yes we sell computer components & accessories

(Q)How long does shipping take?And how much does it cost?
(A)Click here to view our shipping info

(Q)Do we offer an online repair and postal service?
(A)No not at this time.

(Q)Can I have a quote before I decide if I want you to fix my computer?
(A)Yes, we will always give you a quote before we commence any work on your machine.

(Q)How much do you charge,is there an hourly rate?
(A)We have a fixed rate of service,depending on the work required to fix your machine.We do not charge at an hourly rate.This does not include the cost of replacement/new parts that the customer may require.Also we do not charge to collect and deliver your PC/Laptop.

(Q)How long will it take to fix my computer?
The time to fix problems will vary depending on the problem, sometimes we will require a part that may take a few days to arrive, but we aim to have all machines fixed within 48 hours.

(Q)Can I deliver my computer to you?
(A)Yes use the contact details provided.

(Q)Is there a charge to collect and re-deliver my computer for repair?
(A)No we provide a free collection and delivery service

(Q)Do you charge to test/diagnose my system?
No.We will give you a quote once your system has been diagnosed on the work required to fix your machine.

(Q)Do you have any kind of contract when fixing my pc?
(A)Yes, both parties need to sign a short job contract before any work is carried out.

(Q)Im interested in a dlms-tec custom built system, and have questions concerning this
(A)Get in touch via the contact us details

(Q)How long does it take to build and ship my desktop tower order
(A)see delivery info

(Q)Why am i having trouble viewing certain aspects of the website?

(A)The website is designed and best viewed with mozilla firefox but is compatible with all browsers